Saturday, November 23, 2013

RJ Reviews HYD for Men Shaving Products!

Hello Ladies AND Gentlemen! 

Today I have something very fun to share that you may want to pass along to the men in you home! 

No Shave November is coming to an end with the holidays immediately around the corner. Its time to shave away those scruffy beards and mustaches that you've been able to enjoy for the last few weeks. What a better time to try something new and change up your routine! 

Ladies - Cant think of what to get the man that buys everything he wants? (I have one of those too!) Consider picking this up as a stocking stuffer! Hes going to love it!

I've brought my ever supportive husband, RJ, in to try these out and share his thoughts about the HYD For Men shaving products. 


New shaving products to try out? Sign me up! Today I have the new HYD For Men shaving products to share with you. Three simple items, a Buffer Stick (face exfoliator), the Shave Cream, and the Razor Shield (razor oil.) With these items, it really keeps my shaving routine simple.

Where can you find these? HYD For Men 
And if you use the code: SAVE20 you will receive 20% off your first purchase!

HYD for Men Shaving Products
(These arrived in boxes, but RJ was so excited to try these out I never had the chance to grab them!)

First up, the Buffer Stick. With this, face exfoliation has never been easier. Just enough grit to work the skin, but not to much to cause irritation. Splash a little water on your face and go to town. Be sure to apply a little pressure to actually take advantage of the exfoliation. Rinse off with some cold water and it leaves you face feeling nice and refreshed.

Next, the Shave Cream. I really like this formula. It feels nice and light with the right amount of lather. It also has a very light and clean scent to it. The HYD For Men Shave Cream doesn't seen to go quite as far but that is expected. My shaving routine before consisted of a pre-shave oil and a more traditional shave cream. Shaving with this is nice and easy. Without using a pre-shave oil, this cream still helps the blades slide nice and smooth against the skin. The cream does not get all gunky in between the blades and rinses out with a breeze. If you are the type of person that just uses a shaving gel, you might want to give this a try. I've given up on using gel shaving creams over a year ago and I wouldn't go back. This Shave Cream would be a very nice and easy transition away from the gels.

Finally, the Razor Shield. Now, I've never used a product like this before but I love the idea of it and the science behind is something that I can really get behind and support. After every shave I've been applying this to the blades. I started off with a new set of blades about four weeks ago and to me, the blades still feel and look like new. My Razor doesn't seem to have very much, if any build-up on the blades at all. Take into account that I only shave about twice a week, but I usually start to feel some pull by this time from dulling. As soon as I’m done shaving, I rinse off the blades a final time and then apply the product to them.

Overall, this is a great line up. I would recommend the HYD For Men line to anyone that is looking into changing up their routine with better products. The ease and quality of these products makes for a great combination that is very hard to pass up. If you’re still using a gel shaving cream, it might be time to toss that can and get your hands on the HYD Shave Cream at the very least. Your face will thank you.

Have you tried any products from HYD?

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