Sunday, August 4, 2013

Im Back! And with wedding and honeymoon nails!

Hello lovelies!

Would you look at this? I am finally back from my little hiatus! I am back for good, I guarantee it!
The events leading up to the wedding, and the few months after have been very busy, and crazy to say the least. Things finally slowed down and are back to normal, well, normal for us at least. I am back to a blogging schedule, its a little rocky, but I am just about back into the full swing of things.

So, what has happened? This post is to share a little bit of that! On March 31st, RJ and I got married here in Scottsdale, AZ. It was pretty freaking awesome! Here are a couple photos to share!

This photo was a lot of fun - We actually got to sit/lean on my dads car! Why do we have wedding photos with camaros? My parents are one of the founders of the Arizona All Gens Camaro Club. So, we tag along on some of the events, and trips, one of which being the annual Laughlin run. This specific event was where we spend our dating anniversary's, and happened to get engaged at as well! Needless to say, it was special to have some photos with the camaros!

I'm sure the next thing that comes to mind is, what did you do for your nails?! A lot of my friends sure asked me a lot while we were getting close to the day. Yes, I did my own nails for the wedding. 

I used about 4 coats of OPI Care to Danse?, which is an amazing lilac sheer. I am very happy that I picked this one up while the collection was still out. The glitter gradient was done with Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy. It made for a very pretty and subtle mani that was just perfect for the day.

We left for our honeymoon the next day, Disneyland! Would you be surprised if I mentioned that I actually changed my mani in our hotel room in CA? Yup! I had nail polish, a dotting tool, and remover wipes on our packing list! I had to have some kind of awesome Disney related mani while we were there! Some of the ticket takers at the park gate comment on them several times!

I used all Zoya in Blaze, Storm, and Purity for this mani!

Theres some of the awesome of what has happened while I was gone. The rest was work, life, and just plain being crazy busy! I really appreciate all of your patience and sticking with me while we worked on getting things back to normal. 

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