Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A designer jewelery try and buy? RocksBox Review!

Hello Beauties!

While I was away I had the opportunity to sign up for RocksBox. If you're a subscription box junkie like I am, I know you're already interested! This one really is awesome!

With Rocksbox you receive 3 pieces of designer jewelry, averaging over $200 per set. These pieces are matched, so you can wear them all together or individually. You get up to 60 days to wear your jewelry, decide if you wish to purchase them, or send them back for a new set!

I think this is a very fun subscription to try out. I find that I tend to get bored with my jewelry, I will wear it constantly for a couple of weeks, and then I am looking for something new or different. So Rockbox is a much less expensive option for someone like me. If I do find something that I cant live without, as a member, I can purchase that item 20% off of the retail price.

When you open your envelope you find this super cute box!

These are the pieces I received in my last box!

GorjanaTaner Bar Small Necklace in Sterling Silver
CC Skye Double Header Pave Spike Bracelet in Silver
Lucas Jack Geometry Earrings in Rhodium

What makes RocksBox so fun, is that you can easily send your current box back for a new one anytime, up to 60 days. When you get your box, it comes with a prepaid postage return envelope. SO you just pack everything back up and withing a couple of weeks you have something fresh and new! They have a email notification system that is very handy as well, and you only get emails to let you know whats going on, such as; when your returned box was received, when your new one is on your way, and when you are near your 30 and 60 day marks.

The details? www.RocksBox.com

The Monthly membership fee is $19/month, $17/mo for 6 months, or $15/mo for a year. With any of these options you can cancel at anytime and they will refund the remaining share of your membership. You can also receive credits for your purchase by referring friends or family and also by sharing photos of you wearing your jewelry on Instagram or FaceBoox and tagging Rocksbox.

Have you tried RocksBox? What do you think of it?

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  1. This is an intriguing concept! Is it random jewelry every time?

    1. Kelli - You complete a profile survey when you first join to give them an idea of what you like and they give you random pieces according to how you answered.

    2. FREE FIRST MONTH OF ROCKSBOX - Promo Code! One month free of RocksBox! Copy Coupon code: F1R16434

  2. FREE FIRST MONTH OF ROCKSBOX - Promo Code! One month free of RocksBox! Copy Coupon code: F1R16434


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