Monday, January 7, 2013

Review: Lizzie Starr Hair Ties!

Hello Beauties! I hope all of you are having a good start to your new year! Mine has been a little hectic, but I'm sure I can blame that on all the wedding planning! It is a very busy month on top of it too, but lots of excitement! I apologize in advance for my sporadic posting the last couple of weeks, but that should be over and I should be back into my groove over the next week!

Big things in store for you all at the end of the month! I am very excited about it! It will be a giveaway you wont want to miss!

Let me tell you about LizzieStarr Hair Ties! I ordered some of these a couple months ago, and I just love them! A while back I received a twistband hairtie from BirchBox. It was just awful - It constantly slid out of my hair - no matter how many times I was able to wrap it. I have a lot of hair, and its heavy, so I am still one of those people who rock scrunchies (not the big fluffy ones from the 90s though!) because its one of the few things that will actually keep my hair in a pony. 

These little elastics rock! They stay in my hair, no sliding at all, and the best part is that these don't leave those goofy looking creases in your hair! Not to mention they even look cute on your wrist if you dont need it at the time. 

The Info:
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Lizzie Starr Hair Ties

I have tell you that she i the sweetest person to work with! She even included a hand written note with the order! 

Lizzie Starr Hair Ties

I picked up this pack of hair ties and she also included a headband to try out! You know those elastic headbands that are "no slip"? Yeah...they don't even stay on my head. So I asked her if I could order just one because I didn't want a full pack, she was  awesome enough to put one in for me to try out! 

I have had the same success with the headbands! They stay in! No I haven't tried the pony or bun with the headband (you know, to keep the flyaways out of your face) but its stays with my hair down! And for an elastic head band that's awesome! I will be definitely picking up a pack when I order again!

Lizzie Starr Hair Ties

Check out this cutest thing ever! She added this to my order as well! Its a plastic ornament full of these awesome little ties! I actually gave this to my mom for Christmas!

I've seen these online and also in stores, but for some reason I'm hooked on these! Maybe because they actually stay in my hair? I'm not sure what it is, but if you are looking for a new tie for that pony - give these little guys a try!

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