Saturday, January 19, 2013

Julep's January Maven Box - The Goodies!

Hello Beauties!

Today I have part one of a two-part post for what I received in Julep's December Maven Box. I added in a couple of polishes in addition to my box selection, and there would just be too many photos! So this one will share everything that came inside!

I really wanted to try out the Hand and Cuticle Stick - If I liked it, it would be perfect for travel and to even just keep in my purse! The box also included Teresa and Fiona, a very well fitted name for the green! I wonder if Shrek was the influence for it?

I also added on Madison and Bette. I have never been super fond of neon shades. I prefer pastels, or bold colors. Neons also tend to have a different formula that I am also not a fan of. But - I don't have many so I decided I needed to pick a couple up and try them out!

I already like the Hand & Cuticle Stick! The packaging make is very nice for travel and purses! No silly caps to fall off on this one! It is very lightly scented and absorbs nicely. You use this on your cuticles and the back of your hands. Its also a handy product to keep on your desk at work! I am happy that I picked it!

Julep has been coming out with a new beauty product in addition to their polishes, and I am loving it! Its a nice mix to have with the polishes! My profile quiz set me up for the It Girl box, which is 3 bottles of polish, but with all these new products that they have been releasing, I am more frequently changing my box every month!

Another wonderful quote card and some neon hair ties to match our neon claws!! I though these were an awesome surprise! I love it when they throw in little surprises like these!

They also included a sheet of their new "Swatch Me" stickers! These are the perfect size to stick on the top of your Julep Caps! It makes for a nice way to see what the color is, if you store your bottles standing up. 

It was also a nice surprise that they included the stickers on the caps of my new polishes! 

Okay, so heres the "Silly me" part of the post! Be ready to laugh at me! I was looking at these and I turn to RJ and say, "Its nice that they put these on the caps already, but how the heck am I supposed to put polish on them?" I've been a Maven subscriber for a year - so that gives you an idea of how many that I have. Not once did it ever cross my mind that the top of the cap separated, similar to Butter London's caps. Yep. I'm silly. 

I have one more color of these to swatch tonight, and I will be back tomorrow to share photos of these bright polishes!

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