Friday, January 25, 2013

Calvin Klein ck one Coal Swatches!

Hello Lovelies and Happy Friday!

I hope you all had a wonderful week! Mine...well it started out pretty rough, but ended with some awesome news last night before I left work. I have today off, and come to think of it, my last day off until the wedding. I better make it good!! haha! Actually  we have the annual Run to the Fun with the Arizona All Gens Camaro club this weekend. We are also celebrating 3 years together, and this was when we got engaged last year. So needless to say, its something we really look forward to every year!

Last week we were in Ulta and RJ was looking for something in the men's production section when I noticed an all new display next to it.,Calvin Klein's cosmetic line. They has nail polish! Well being the sucker for lacquer that I am, I had to investigate. I decided to pick one up to try out, just for the heck of it. I originally picked up a purple shade, big surprise, and then RJ pointed out a few from a LE set, specifically this one, Coal. Its interesting, and it is very possible I will pick up another to try out in the near future. 

CK One Coal - 3 coats
No base or top coat. 

This turned out to be a very pretty black full of fine multi-colored glitters. I'm not sure how this was named Coal, aside from being black, but I really liked how it turned it. You definitely see the glitters more on the nail than you do in the bottle. RJ picked this one out, and I when with it, though I wasn't completely sold on it - but being LE, I knew I had time to try the other shade later. In the end, I really like this polish. I can see using this a lot in the future. Calvin Klein CK One Coal Calvin Klein CK One Coal Calvin Klein CK One Coal

Have you tried any of the CK One line polishes or cosmetics? What are your thoughts?

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