Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Review: Alex Cole Designs Nail Tattoos & Decals

Hello Lovelies! Today I have a very mixed review on the different types of nail decals   offered by Alex Cole. I found the seller on Etsy and found the designs super cute and very inexpensive. At the time time when I ordered these they included a small sheet of the nail tattoos in Julep's October Maven box. 

The Info:
You can shop for Alex Cole Designs on Etsy

Here is what I tried, and my experiences with each.

Review: Alex Cole Nail Tattoos & Decals
Here are the 3 that I picked up when I ordered. Candy Corn & Thanksgiving themed nail tattoos and Moustache decals.

Review: Alex Cole Nail Tattoos & Decals
These are the Halloween themed nail tattoos included with the Julep October Maven box.

Review: Alex Cole Nail Tattoos & Decals
So the instructions included with the Halloween nail tattoos were to cut closely around the image, drop onto water for a couple of seconds, and then rub the piece between your fingers for it to separate from the paper.

Review: Alex Cole Nail Tattoos & Decals
So, this is only after getting the paper wet. The ink ran and faded off. No good at all!

Review: Alex Cole Nail Tattoos & Decals
And here was the finished product. I was hoping it was a fluke and tried a couple other times using different methods, only to get the same sad results. I hope that the other Mavens didn't have the same sad sheet that I did.

Review: Alex Cole Nail Tattoos & Decals
My next attempt was with the Candy Corn nail tattoos. This went a little smoother. It gave the same instructions as the sheet before, only the image didn't wash away! The only thing different about these is that the images were very opaque. So on black nail polish, it was lost. 

Review: Alex Cole Nail Tattoos & Decals
This is over 2 coats of Layla Mercury Twilight. So, not bad, but not great. The tattoo paper seems a little thick and as I will mention below, it doesn't want to stay flat. 

Alex Cole Nail Tattoos & Decals
My last attempt is with the Thanksgiving themed nail tattoos. Just as with the candy corn design, same instructions. This one I tried wearing for a few days. After less than 2 days of wear (and a top coat) the tattoos seems to start peeling up in the sides. I have tried some other nail tattoos with far better results and longevity, for a similar price. 

Alex Cole Nail Tattoos & Decals

While I haven't tired the mustaches yet but I did peel one off to see how it worked. These were small decals vs nail tattoos. Seemed fairly easy to work with. Another review will come for that one, as I want to see how long it will last as well. 

Overall, I wouldn't recommend these if you are looking for nail art tattoos. I really hope that someone else may have had better results than I have but I wont be getting them again. I do hope that the decals offer better results!

Have you tried these? How did it work out for you?

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