Thursday, December 20, 2012

Luminous Lacquers Fall Favorites!

Hello Beauties! 

So, I haven't really ever done a favorites post before but this fall I found a lot of new favorites, and I wanted to share them! Maybe a few of these are on your favorites as well!

Luminous Lacquers Fall Favorites

A few months a go I FINALLY got a new set of brushes. I managed to talk my awesome fiance into letting me splurge on a new palette to "break them in with!" We were in Sephora for about 20 minutes with me walking back and forth through the store between 2 different ones trying to make a decision. The winner was the Cinderella palette. The limited edition part was a huge factor n the decision, I am also a big Disney lover! 

This has been a fantastic palette, the colors are nicely pigmented, and the shimmers really shine! I have always been a neutral color type of person, and this really pushed me out of that zone and into experimenting with brighter hues. I just love it!

Luminous Lacquers Fall Favorites

I've been a bit of a closet mascara junkie. I always kept from buying and trying new mascaras because I know I would want to try others. That being said, I have been using the same brand mascara for years. I chose this in my Julep Maven box a few months back and I am really happy that I did. I have very long eyelashes, yes, the kind that other women swoon over. The plastic brush on this really makes application quick and simple, but leaves my lashes long and bold. I have never had issues with this one clumping or leaving chunks of product on my lashes. It also stands up very very well to my eyes watering due to my horrid allergies. 

Luminous Lacquers Fall Favorites

This became my new default perfume! Lady Gaga's Fame. As i mentioned before, I have horrid allergies, so many perfumes make me miserable. So when I find something I love, that doesn't bother me, it is instant WIN! This one is awesome. Its also very fun because as you see, it is black in color, but sprays, or rolls on clear. 

Luminous Lacquers Fall Favorites

Pureology Shampoo & Conditioner - this one because the ultimate luxury for my hair. It smells and feels amazing. While it is a little on the higher on the price scale, but its definitely worth it. The other item here is Whish Shaving Cream in pomegranate. I got a sample of this a while a go through Birchbox and had to order some. 

Luminous Lacquers Fall Favorites

Julep Lip Balm in Vanilla Mint - Let me start by saying that I am a chappy fanatic! I keep a tube everywhere. My purse, my nightstand, my desk at home, and my desk at work. I am putting some on as I type this! Haha! I like the flavor and the feel of this one big time. This is what I have in all those areas listed!
Lush Snow Fairy body wash - This is a limited edition for the winter. If you love candy scents and see it in stock, I recommend grabbing a bottle. RJ said that he wanted to eat my arm after smelling it! 
Lizzie Starr Hairties - These are just awesome! I have a review coming up in the next couple of days and you will see why!

Luminous Lacquers Fall Favorites

Last but not least purple hair! Yes, thats my hair (pardon the ends in this photo - it got a trim shortly after this). This was a trial that we did as I wanted purple in my hair for the wedding. I plan on wearing it down in curls, and my bridesmaids (who also does my hair) suggested it. SOLD! While I have colored my hair many many shades of reds and browns, I have never tried out bright colors like this. Let me tell you I am hooked. I get so many compliments from random people. I am anxious to try other colors after the wedding!

So there you have it! Things that i tried and love over the last few months. Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I had turquoise hair for about 6 mo but got tired of the maintenance.


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