Friday, October 19, 2012

Dollish Polish 1-UP

I am finally to the point of frustration with the weather changing and my my body just wont accept it!! After getting over the awful stomach bug I had all week last week, I end up with something close to an earache in both ears that last few days. I'm sure this one is allergy related as they have been bothering me more than usual this time of year. I don't know what the heck is in the air right now, but it really needs to settle down, or blow out of here so I can enjoy this weather as I like to!! 

Latest exciting news, our wedding invitations arrive Monday! I am so excited and very nervous to see them all at once! We are ordering our cake topper this weekend as well. My mom found this amazing site that does custom toppers, and one that fits our theme perfectly! Last, but not least, I still haven't finished our Halloween costumes! haha! They always seem to be last minute for us for some unknown reason! I will be sewing my skirt tonight! We have to run to a couple of thrift stores for a blouse for me, and jeans for RJ. He also needs a white t-shirt, and I need to do a test run on his hair. I will definitely share photos of us all decked out this weekend!!

So lets get on to the polish already!!

Dollish Pollish! This little pretty comes from her Super Mario collection!

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You can shop Dollish on BigCartel or at Llarowe

Dollish Polish - 1-UP - 1 coat - assorted size green and white glitters in a clear base
Base Color: Black is Back - 2 coats
No Top Coat

Dollish Polish 1-UP

Dollish Polish 1-UP

Dollish Polish 1-UP

Have you tried Dollish yet? Whats your favorite?

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