Monday, October 8, 2012

Born Pretty Design Templates for Nails Review!

I mentioned a couple weeks back that I would be getting some items from Born Pretty to try out and share with you all. Today I bring those to you!! I decided to try out something a little different, that we don't see too often, Stencils.

Born Pretty Design Templates for Nails

They have a very fun assortment of nail art supplies, tools, polish, stamp plates, decals and more!
They are China, so you will want to allow for a few weeks to arrive, however they offer free worldwide shipping, and you can get 10% off with the code KBL91!! 

Born Pretty Design Templates for Nails
I'll save you the hunting - click on the image and it will take you straight to the Nail Stencils on their site. 

We make these ourselves with scotch tape or painters tape and hole punches, and exact-o knives, why not take the extra prep work out of it with this easy peel and stick!   

They have 10 different designs to play with, and each design comes with 10 stencils in each. So that's one full set mani, or many manis with accent nails! I did learned that some require a little more patience and practice than others!

Born Pretty Design Templates for Nails

Born Pretty Design Templates for Nails
This is the size of each stencil tape

Born Pretty Design Templates for Nails
My results after my first attempt!
I had some troubles getting this to stick down on my nail completely to keep from bleeding under.

Born Pretty Design Templates for Nails
Success!! I Love this design! So many fun ideas with this one!!

Born Pretty Design Templates for Nails
And one of each of my other stencils. 
In my first nail - the flower wouldn't even stick through the cut out. I tried 2 different polishes on that and it didn't want to stick!

My thoughts?
I love them! They're very easy to use and honestly save some painstaking prep work. Not to mention, so picking tiny pieces of tape out of my punches!

Like with many nail art techniques they do require some patience practice, and different polishes seem to make it very easy or messy (like my attempt with the spiders!) The spider and flower both seemed to me too intricate almost. The stencil is thicker than a piece of tape. So the thinner edges (i.e. spider legs) didn't want to stick down with the curve of my nail working against it. Maybe because they're too thick? You can see this in the close up of the spider stencil. 

I adore the little paw prints, and the "Y" design, and I am pretty sure I will be picking up more! They were very fun to try out, and I have some ideas for what I have left! 

Have you tried out these or any other nail stencils? What were your thoughts?

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