Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September Julep Maven Box!!

I have to admit - I was really looking forward to this months Maven Box! This was the second time I changed my style. I did it for the mascara!! While I don't wear much makeup lately, I am still on a constant hunt for "that perfect mascara." So if I find a chance to try something new or different I am all about it!

Not A Julep Maven subscriber yet? New subscribers can get their first box for a Penny! Enter the code PENNY at check out! You can check it out HERE!

So lets get on with the goodies this month!!

The unboxing!

My Lovelies!

Julep American Beauty Volumizing Mascara
I really like this brush! I was also impressed with the formula. 
It seemed to stay well also - When I first tried this my eyes were a little itchy and watery from my allergies - and it stood up through my rubbing and wiping!
I am looking forward to using this more regularly!

Another wonderful quote card! I really enjoy these!

2 coats. No top coat.
This is an awesome grey-black creme.
My camera and natural light wanted to see it blue in this first photo, bu the following 2 show it better.

2 Coats
This is a lovely khaki colored creme. 
This color would definitely be something I wouldn't choose to buy - I am very happy I got it though this box, and I already know some good mani combos for it!

Overall - I LOVE this months maven box!! Julep is slowly making way into other beauty products and they have all been wonderful! I really love the mascara and I can see this becoming a part of my make-up routine!

Are you a Julep Maven? Did you get the mascara? What were your thoughts?


  1. This box is perfect for fall! How lovely!

  2. I'm so excited! I totally just signed up to be a Julep Maven because of you! *hugs* Thanks so much!!!

    1. Yay!! I am very excited for you! I hope you enjoy it!! ♥

  3. Nice colours!



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