Thursday, September 13, 2012

RJ reviews September's Birchbox for Men!

Tonight I have my awesome fiance, RJ with me to share his thoughts about Septembers BirchBox Man! I gotta hand it to him, he is doing very well with these! With a little coaching on things to look for, and a deadline (otherwise I would get it 2 months later! hehe! ♥) he is starting to have a little fun. 

So grab the men in your house and check out RJs thoughts with this months box! And don't get too excited when he talks about his undies! He's already taken! ♥

 And if they seem interested, they can join here at Birchbox!

Hello all. It's that time of the month again, Birchbox Man. This was about going back to the basics. The box included Zirh's Clean Face Wash, Balla Powder's Original Powder, Oribe's Creme for Style, Bvlgari Man's Eau De Toilette, and MeUndies's Boxer Brief. Overall, this was a great selection of products to try out.

Zirh's Face wash: Yep another facewash. But hey, it takes a lot to find the right one. There has got to be something out there to keep it nice and clean. Overall, this was a great face wash. It has a very light citrusy scent to it and is gental on the skin. It does a good job and you have a nice clean feeling after wards.

Balla Powder's Orginal Powder: I have never used a powder deodorant before and wasn't completely sure how to approach using this. They recommend using it on the under arms and feet, so that's what I did. I really enjoyed using the powder. It has a slight scent to it and does a good job at keeping things dry without drying out the skin. But if you go using this for the underarm, I recommend still using a deoderant and then follow up with this powder.

Oribe's Creme for Style: I really liked this. It may become my go to choice for hair product. I've used different gels and paste type hair products, even hair sprays, but nothing else that I've used seems to compare to this. Well, maybe I've been using the wrong product, but I really like the creme. It has a nice light scent to it. Works well if applied to wet, damp or even dry hair. If used with wet hair, it keeps the 'still wet' look to it and doesn't flake. When used with dry hair, it's easy to style and holds it too.

Bvlgari Man's Eua De Toilette: This was okay. It is a nice lighter musky scented cologne and can be easily worn all day.

MeUndies's Boxer Brief: These are nice. I'm usually a boxer's kinda guy but these are nice and comfy. The fabric stays put and keeps things where they're suppose to be. The waistband is great on these as well. The tag isn't the kind that gets all twisted, and the stitching used isn't rough or scrtachy at all. They also look good too! One good thing to know with these, however, is that there is no extra hole to help out when nature calls.

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