Monday, September 10, 2012

LAQA & Co. Nail Polish Pens Review!

Not too long ago I picked up the LAQA & Co. Turning Japanese Gift set. This included 3 nail polish pens, Blurple, FancyPants, and a clear Topcoat. It also included 2 packs of remover wipes. This brand was completely new to me, and I though that a few nice nail polish pens would be handy for quick nail art or for travel or on the go. 

Their packaging was very nice and impressive. 

But - I feel that it all ended with the packaging. I used these once to see the actual colors before working on the photos for this review, and I am really glad that I did. 

Upon my first use, the pens were very easy to use and the colors ended to a glossy creme finish. After being set aside for a few weeks, the brushes turned to a gummy-like consistency. It took a while to get fresh polish to mix and soften the brush for use, and even then it wasn't anywhere near as nice as a fresh brush. I turned to their site for tips or info on gummy brushes like this but didn't find anything. 

So I kept moving forward. 

Base color - 2 coats
Hearts - 1 coat
Top coat - 1 coat

Due to the state of the brush, it applied very unevenly and streaky, they were nothing like my first use. I allowed for each coat and the hearts time to dry before my next step. Because of the state of the brush - the top coat proceeded to smear the hearts. 

I am extremely happy that I waited for my second use with these pens before sharing my experience with these pens. I am really bummed that these turned out this way, when my first impressions and use were of the extreme opposite. 

Have you tried any of LAQA & Co products? What where your initial thoughts - and did that change after your first use?

***This review is my own personal opinion, and experience with this product. I purchased this products seen in this review*** 

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  1. interesting. i've bought these but haven't used yet as i love the packaging and supporting young artists aspect. the product itself sounds like it might be disappointing which is a shame


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