Wednesday, August 1, 2012

OPI DS Magic ~VS~ Sally Hansen HD Laser

Last Friday I got some nailmail and one of the items included was Sally Hansen HD in Laser. When I sat down at my desk and turned on my lamp it started to look very familiar. I went for my OPI drawer and grabbed DS Magic and a nail wheel to see how this turned out! 

The fun thing is, as I was taking photos of each layer, Ashley on Creative Nail Fun on Facebook posted the photos of the bottles and that she found them to be dupes as well! 

Bottle Shots


In all the photos below, Sally Hansen HD Laser is on the left nail, and OPI DS Magic is on the right.

One Coat

Two Coats

Three Coats

 Four Coats

Final Results... they are very very close! Magic is fully opaque in less coats, and the blue seems to be a little darker, but not by much, Im sure if you went as far as adding a fifth coat to Laser it would darken it just a little bit more. For me, five coats, is a little much after you factor in a base coat and topcoat. But for someone looking for something similar with a smaller pricetag, you really cant go wrong.

Have you compared these two yet? What to you thing about them?


  1. at 4 coats they almost look the same ?!?!?

  2. Both colours are very similar. I also want to invite you to check out my blog giveaway of 3 Barry M nail polishes :)


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