Saturday, August 4, 2012

Essie Mirror Metallics Collection!

Today I bring you the Essie Mirror Metallics collection!! I have to start out first by saying way to go Essie!! I truly love this collection! They are just rocking it this year! 

When I first saw these in the store I grabbed three of the, oh man was it hard to pick only three! haha! After I tried the first, I had to go back and get the remaining two!

I really like the formula of these, they are very easy to work with and dry fairly quickly. Also, these are opaque in just one coat. The final finish is slightly streaky but not extremely obvious - though of my other metallic lacquers, I really haven't seen one with a completely streak-free finish. A little bit of patience and careful application and you can avoid it for the most part. 

What makes this collection so awesome is that they work wonderfully for stamping as well! Being that they are opaque in one coat and dry a little quicker they are a breeze to stamp with! I will have to share this in a later post!

So, on with the photos!

Blue Rhapsody
I really love this shade of blue! Its not super bold and bright, but its also not too light and faint. 

Good As Gold
A light gold - I like that this isnt a gleaming yellow gold - this one feels a little more subtle to me

No Place Like Chrome
Another great silver to add to any collection! This one isn't as flashy and bright as some others.

Nothing Else Metals
This one is a ligh pinkish-purple shade, I really like this one as well, for the same reason as the blue. Its not bold and flashy. 

Penny Talk
Copper! I really love that they included a copper in this collection - and its a wonderful shade at that! I feel like there aren't enough good copper shades out there

What are your favorite shades from this collection?

I really cannot wait to see what else Essie comes up with later this year!!


  1. If I were to buy one, I would definitely choose Penny Talk - a very unique shade! I bet they are great for stamping too.

  2. I got them all too. If you like copper, you should try Orly "Flagstone Rush" which I think Vampy Varnish just posted as an old fave, it looked so beautiful I bought it.

    1. Ooh! I will definitely have to look for that! I love copper - but a lot of copped lacquers seem to be more of a rose-gold

  3. I'll be honest...I didn't want any of these. I've seen them and passed on them many times. But now that you mention the stamping thing the copper one and the pink one seem interesting.

    1. I will be working on some photos this weekend hopefully stamping with each color.


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