Friday, August 24, 2012

Dollish Polish Putting on the Ritzzz! & Random Dancing

Today I bring you the last 2 Dollish Pollish that I have in line waiting to go! I have a lot of new goodies in my "untried bin" waiting to be added to my list, and swatched for you! Like I mentioned yesterday - I will be swatching like crazy! My poor nails will hate me! 

So, on with the lovely Dollish Polish.

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Dollish Polish - Putting on the Ritzzz! - 2 coats
Base Color: Zoya - Lara - 2 coats
Top Coat: NYC In a New Your Minute

This one is simple, but a classic! It is full of multiple sized black and white hex glitters. I love adding glitters like these to pastel colors to create a 50s style look - but this time I chose a brighter pink to exaggerate the contrast!

Dollish Polish - Random Dancing - 2 coats
Base Color: OPI - Alpine Snow - 2 coats
No Top Coat

Another very fun glitter! It took me forever to decide on a base color. I chose white as to not loose any of the bright glitters in this bottle! This one would be very very fun to use for a jelly sandwich!

As with the other Dollish lacquers I have shared, these have a wonder formula. They are very nice to work with and spread easily.

What would use these two very versatile gillters for?


  1. I have both of these and they are both untried! I just got them though!! I love the way Putting on the Ritzzz looks with pink!! And Random Dancing would be perfect for a jelly sandwich! <3

    1. Black and white glitters scream for a retro color match! Random Dancing also rocks under a matte top coat!!


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