Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dollish Polish - Drop. Your. Sword. & Urban Camo

Today and tomorrow I will finish the last of the swatches that I have from Dollish Polish. These were all from a restock that she did in her store a few weeks ago and the have been waiting to be seen! We are headed to New Hampshire for a couple of days, so I am running today and tomorrow by scheduled posts. Sunday we will be home - and when I'm not sleeping - I will be swatching like a mad woman! RAWRZOR! haha!

You can get the latest Dollish news on FaceBook
You can shop Dollish on BigCartel or at Llarowe

Lets get on with the photos, shall we?

Dollish Polish - Drop. Your. Sword - 2 coats
Base Color: Essie - Borrowed & Blue - 2 coats
No Top Coat

This lovely polish is one of my favorites from Dollish. It is named in reference to The Princess Bride. If you havent seen this movie (IMDB), I highly recommend it. It you are a reader - read the book (wiki) and then watch the movie! Both are equal in pure awesomeness! Not only because of the reference, but it is such a wonderful and subtle shade all around. 

But back to the lacquer. This is a beautiful light blue filled with a blue shimmer, and has several sizes of golfd glitter scattered throughout. To keep the glitter more subtle I opted for 2 coats, this also helsp show that the base is sheer enough to still allow for sparkle!

Dollish Polish - Urban Camo - 2 -3 coats
Base Color: Essie - Chinchilly - 2 coats
Top Coat - Seche Vite

This glitter is very fun! I chose to layer it over Chinchilly because it reminded me if a cement grey to go along with the name, Urban Camo. This has black, white, gold and silver hex glitters, black square glitter, and small black and neon green glitters. It is a very unusual mix of glitters that turns into an awesome package. 

As with the other Dollish lacquers I have shared, these have a wonder formula. They are very nice to work with and spread easily.

What are your thoughts on these glitters? Would you use different base colors?


  1. SO awesome! I love the Princess Bride reference :)

    I have Camo Camp--even my son loves it! I have some greens and browns I am going to try it with.

    Your nails look gorgeous! I think you chose well ;)

    1. Gah I'm getting my polishes mixed up (shhh don't tell my daughter, she is stunned and amazed that I can keep them all straight lol). I don't have Urban Camo--sorry--I have another brand's polish called Camo Camp.

      I still think these ROCK! Indies are the future :)

    2. I am a MAJOR sucker for cult movie referenced nail polish! haha! It's like the best of 2 worlds! After those names after video games ♥

      And don't worry - I wont tell your daughter!

  2. I like the base colours. Any glitter looks good with blue. Well in my opinion at least ;oP

    1. I think I must agree with you on that - especially light blues!


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