Thursday, August 30, 2012

August BirchBox Review!

I have to admit, my relationship with Birchbox starting out was a little rocky. I would receive products I would rarely, or even never use. If some of you remember about 4 months ago I mentioned I was considering switching to something different. The last 2 months, and now this month has slowly gotten better and I have found myself looking forward to trying almost all of the new goodies.

So, on with what I received, and what I thought about it!

Beauty School Booklet! - Not only did this include the standard list of items in the box, but it is also full great tips! 
  • "Tools of the Trade" listing must have tools for very ones make-up bag or train case 
  • "How to Read a Label" which lists what certain markings on products can mean, such as; Preservative free, Active Ingredients  and so on. "
  • "5 Tips to  Better Shave" listing tips to help with achieving the :smoothest legs ever." 
  • "Makeup Quick Fixes" which lists tips on correcting too much blush, Melted makeup and more
  • "Super Speedy Skin Care" A guide to be in and out of the bathroom in 3 minutes or less
Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in BirchBox Pink
This little guy I did not try - I am not a very big lip gloss person, and the color seemed a bit to pink for my fair skin. I prefer lip stains and lipstick, which I can easily layer with my chapstick much easier. I find that combo to be much more comfortable and not sticky or gooey. 

Juicy Couture - Vival la Juicy La Fleur
Oh boy! Another perfume sample! haha! This seems to be a standard with every month. Something I really dont mind being that those little vials last a long time for me. I havent smelled this, honestly, my sinuses have been bothering my very badly the last few weeks and I have been staying clear of unfamiliar scents. 

Oribe Shampoo & Conditioner for Beautiful Color 
Another product I havent tried yet. I have had some issues with my hair reacting with certain products, even some I've used for years, and leaving it an oily mess for some unknown reason. I know that stress can cause changes in your hair, and I was going through a lot of that. Its just about back to normal again so I dont want to chance anything right now. I am planning on getting my hair colored again in October, so I think I will save them until then. 

This has got the be my all time favorite BirchBox item since I have started my subscription. When this runs low I will be purchasing it! A little goes a long way, I learned this very quickly the first time I used it! The $20 price tag is very reasonable to me with how little I use each time. I have religiously used the same shaving gel for years, and I wont go back! I used this for my legs, and bikini area, and it is wonderful. It is lightly scented, they offer Pomegranate or Almond, and it applies almost like a rich lotion. No foam or lather. It made for a very easy and smooth shave, with almost no redness or irritation afterwards (especially in the bikini area!) I have very very dry skin, thank you Arizona hard water, so once I dry off my legs are immediately dry and ashy. This protects my skin from drying out with wonderful ingredients like squalene, organic shea butter, jojoba oil, and coconut oil.

Last but not least Birchbox threw in a Schick Hydro Silk. 
This guy I am not a fan of. I use the Gillette Venus, and the handle of the Schick is angled completely opposite to the Gillette. This makes it very awkward to use in angled areas, such as the bikini area. I also feel that 5 blades is just overkill. I get the same results with 4 and a good shave cream (like above! ♥) I think I will stick with my Gilette Venus for this department!

So there you have it ladies! What are your thought and feelings about these products? Have you tried any? Tell me what you think!!

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