Monday, July 30, 2012

Stamp Plates!

Ohman has it been one heck of a couple of weeks! First off I want to take a moment to apologize for being MIA on here the last couple of weeks. Life got really big super fast. I was putting in OT at work, and by my brilliant idea - I did the extra time in the mornings to not deal with traffic. That means leaving for work the time I am normally waking up. This equals less sleep, on a mattress in DIRE need of replacing, so this really means hardly getting any actual rest. So I'm exhausted, slammed at work, and had some other things thrown into the mix and I hit extreme stress mode. haha! Now I am pretty good at handling stress, but at this point I needed to relax. So when I was home, I spent it watching a movie I enjoy or finally spending some time on that new XBOX we have. So honestly, I wasn't leaving this, and all of you behind - I just needed to get my feet back on the ground!

So this weekend I spent some time working on swatches, and getting the photos ready to post. All motivated to be back in the game - and I get computer issues. It took the majority of Sunday just to load all my photos on to blogger so I can draft out my posts for the week. I got a lot done with swatching - and oh man do I have some fun things to share, but this is the first post I have actually been able to work on. RJ spent some time on my computer and I think he resolved the issue. 

I thought I would have a little fun and share with you in a couple of posts how I store my collection! This afternoon I got the new Bundle Monster 2012 Stamp Plates in the mail, and decided this was a great way to start!

I have seen many of you keeping your plates in small photo albums and collector card sheets in a binder. I think some of my fellow geeks may enjoy this one a bit - I use an old Magic card folder! I have had this thing for ever, and while I have Magic cards - I have kept other card in there and never those. Recently I traded a bunch of those cards to a friend and this has been sitting empty - What a better way to store my plates! As a card collector I have several 3-ring binders with the sheets. With the weight of the plates I thought it would make it a little rough flipping thought. The nice thing about this folder is that the sheets are attached. No rings!

How do you store your Stamping plates?? 

Stay tuned for later this week and I will show you how I store my collection!! 


  1. That is kind of how I store my plates, too! Except I have mine in a regular 3-ring binder and 12-pocket sheets that are removable. I also put some non-slip rubber/plastic mat/drawer liner type of stuff on each of mine so they stay in there better, even when the book is turned upside down, and you can control them better when they're out and you're using them! ^.^

    1. I love it! I thought about putting something like that in there, but I store the folder propped up between the leg of my desk and my polish drawers. That, and we don't have any lying around the apartment anymore. Things like that always seem to disappear when you have a perfect use for them! haha!


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