Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kawaii Nail Lacquer's Sparkler!!

Happy Fourth of July to all my lacquered readers!! 

What a more appropriate day to share this awesome glitter mix, than today!

Today I am sharing with you Sparkler by Kawaii Nail Lacquer.You can shop for her lacquers on etsy and you can follow her here on FaceBook

This one, again, feeds into my new matte glitter obsession! It is full of different shape and size, matte red, white, and blue glitters, including bars! It also mixes in small red glitter, and prismatic star shaped glitters. 

I really enjoyed working with this lacquer. It has a wonderful formula and was very easy to use. I also didn't catch myself having to "dig" for those star glitters either. I did, however, do a little pushing to place them in better spots. The little flag and star that she printed on her label was also very cute!

I really recommend you check her store out - Sparkler is a limited edition, and we aren't quite sure how long she will have it! She also has some lovely Avengers inspired glitters as well!

Sparkler One Coat
Base Color - Liquid Leather
Top Coat - Seche Vite

Have you tried any polishes from Kawaii Nail Lacquers?

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