Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kawaii Nail Lacquers Sparkler ~VS~ Captain America

Today I bring you a comparison as a request from the wonderful Jamie at Kawaii Nail Lacquer. She had mentioned that several people were questioning if Sparkler was a dupe of Captain Americs. These photos are to share their differences!

Jamie is an amazing lady and I have truly enjoyed working with her. Her lacquers are wonderful, and so is her customer service! 

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So on with the comparison!

Captain America is a part of the Avengers collection. It is full of metallic red, blue and silver hex glitters of different sizes, white mini hex, and bar glitters, and holographic stars. 

Sparkler was a limited edition that was offered during the beginning of July for Independence Day. This is similar, however it is full of matte glitters! Tiny metallic red, silver, and blue hex glitters, medium matte red and blue hex glitters, white bar, and different sized hex glitters, and holographic stars. 

Bottle shots

First & Ring Finger - 1 coat Captain America over CG Liquid Leather 
Middle & Pinkie finger - Sparkler over CG Liquid Leather
No topcoats on either to not change the appearance. 

Ring Finger (left) - Sparkler
Middle finger (right) - Captain America

An angled shot to show light reflection
First & Ring Finger - 1 coat Captain America
Middle & Pinkie finger - Sparkler

I am jumping the gun a little on this one as I have yet to share Captain America. The delay is that I am waiting for another bottle from this collection to share together. If you havent tried any of her lacquers, I reccommend you add at least one to your collection if you can! 

Which of the two do you prefer?

Stay tuned later this week, however, for a trio of great metallic/matte combo glitters from Kawaii Nail Lacquers!! I am a total sucker for matte glitters and many of hers combine metallic and matte together!

** Kawaii Nail Lacquer Captain America was provided for review and comparison purposes. All reviews and opinions are that of my own. All other polished listed we purchased by me **

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