Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dollish Polish Sweet Dreams & Expecto Patronum

Today I share with you a couple of minis from Dollish Polish! I really enjoy her "little bottles of love" as she calls them. They are truly full of love! 

Very little to say, really - the formula is fantastic as always and very easy to work with! If you have a chance to catch her restocks - its worth the stalking - even if you catch only one lovely! 

She can be found here: FaceBook   Blog   Store

Expecto Patronum Two Coats
Base Color - OPI Alpine Snow
No Top Coat

This is a glossy white with sky blue glitters - a perfect combo for the name!
For those who havent indulged on any form of Harry Potter, The Patronus Charm is a charm that evokes a partially-tangible, positive energy force known as a Patronus. Patronuses are also called spirit guardians. This incantation is, "Expecto Patronum." (definition courtesy of the Harry Potter Wiki)

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Glitter Two Coats
Base Color - China Glaze Re-Fresh-Mint
No Top Coat

This one is truly a sweet dream! You start with a shimmery cool mint green and fill it scattered pink, green, blue, and purple glitters.

My Dollish Polish collection is quickly growing! Have you given your nails the dollish treatment lately? Whats your favorite of hers so far?


  1. Great polishes. Expecto Patronum is a favorite of mine.

    1. Its in my favorites for sure! I would really love to get a full size bottle of it!


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