Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dollish Polish Dolly Does Dallas Collection!! (Adult Themed Names!)

I must first start out by apologizing for taking way way WAY too long to get these swatches posted. Life got a little busy, and then we were out of town for a few days, but better late than never right?!

Before I go further I must warn there is some "Adult Content." While I promise all you will see  here listed is nail polish, and the eye candy they provide - the names of these colors are "Adult Themed." So on with the review and eye candy!

I have to admit that when I first saw Dollish Polish post about this collection - I was drawn to her "Adult Content" warning. I immediately thought to myself, "This has got to be good!" Little did I know it was AMAZING! I was hoping to get the full set, and then stepped back from the idea. My awesome fiance didnt, however, and ordered them all for me! ♥

This is a collection of bold shimmery shades that make an amazing statement. The formula rocks, and it opaque in 2-3 coats, I have a very defined visible nail line so the lighter shades require that third coat. The shimmer and sparkle of each color rocks! I did my very best to capture this in each shot, though photos truly  don't to these beauties justice, especially the last one!

Dollish Polish can be found on FB: and also through her store on Big Cartel:

So now on with the photos!

Dollish Polish - Dolly Does Dallas!

This was my "safe shot" I shared on FB upon receiving the collection - as not to upset anyone by reading the names - but provided a great idea of the colors!

Wait a minute! Whos paw is sneaking in there?!

OH! Thats right - the photo-bombing kitty - The Bonsai!

Lipstick Around Your Dipstick

A brilliant bold red with silver shimmer - much like a perfect lipstick shade!

Dining At the Pink Taco

A beautiful bubble gum pink with a bring pink shimmer

Check Out Those Sweaterpuffs
A rockin orange with an orange and yellow shimmer
(My other shot of this was eaten! Its nowhere to be found!)

Skeet, Skeet, Skeet
(Oh, the song this makes me think of! ha!)

A popping yellow with a fine green, yellow, and orange shimmer to it

Toss My Salad

I bright light green with a blue and green shimmer

Slippery When Wet

A bold light blue with a blue and silver shimmer

A Bad Case of Blue Balls

A loud blue with a blue and slight purple shimmer

The Walk of Shame

A true purple with a purple, pink, and blue shimmer

Baby Gravy

An amazing silvery white with a silver shimmer hinted with pink and light blue

Overall I am definitely in love with the entire collection! If I had to choose favorites, could narrow them down to Lipstick Around Your Dipstick, Dining At the Pink Taco, Bad Case of Blue Balls, And Baby Gravy. I think I favor these the most due to their rockin shimmer on top of the already bold colors, but don't get me wrong - I LOVE all these nine of these bold colors and the statement that they make. I definitely cant wait to try out her other lacquers!

Have you tried any of these beauties?


  1. I was just about to type "Oooooo I LOVE Blue Balls!" then thought "Yeah, that totally doesn't sound right at ALL!" Lovely color! I love the green as well. How risque!

  2. They all look stunning and pretty !

  3. ahhhh i just discovered these last night and i want them SO. BAD. really glad you did this post so i can se the swatches! :)

    1. Thanks! Its just a great collection - and the names make them that much better! She still has these available to purchase on her site!


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