Monday, May 28, 2012

Portal2 Nails Art

This was a triumph. I'm making a note here; HUGE SUCCESS. As some of you may have notice me mention on FB, we went to the Phoenix Comic Con over the weekend. This is an event that we NEVER miss. I went every year, and then got to take RJ for his first con experience when we first started dating. The only thing different about this year was that we only went for one day, which was a little strange, but we still had a blast nonetheless. This year was just awesome, a lot of great vendors, chatting with some of our favorite artists, a ton of amazing costumes, and good friends and laughs.

So it was Friday night, and I decided a geeky mani was necessary regardless if anyone sees them. Did some looking around online and then just went crazy. I did a test run of a few on a nail wheel to make sure I was capable to do some of these left handed and then dove in.

Enjoy the photos!

Everything I used. Aside from the stripers, you see OPI Skull & Glossbones, China Glaze Liquid Leather, Essie Chinchilly, and Color Club He Loves Me. This was also my first time using rhinestones. 


  1. The cake is a lie! LOL. I love those little robots in Portal 2: "Where are you? Hello?" Acting all polite so they can shoot you! You did a great job!

    1. Thanks Candy! It was a fun one to do for sure! I am definitely a Portal fanatic!!


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