Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Julep May box and some other Nail Mail!

I received some nail mail over the last week that I've been a bit slow to catch up on. So, here we go - all in one post!

Julep May Maven Box!

You can try Julep for a penny for your first month by going HERE and entering PENNY in the promo code section.

I was excited about this one as Julep has finally jumped into the magnetic game!

LtoR Nessa, Ashley, and Kylie (magnetic)

I also got the change to receive my first Models Own lacquers! Ran across the Summer Beetle Juice collection on Harlow & Co and decided to go for it. 
As you can see Copper Pot is a bit messy on its' lid. That poor little fella was wounded in transit and/or manufacturing. He had a hole and a crack inside the lid. At least the mess inside was pretty!  Harlow & Co was awesome about it though. I sent them an email with a couple photos of the injury and they emailed me the next morning with a replacement on its' way. I hope to see my new on e early next week!

Last but not least - I fell in love with the Zoya Bloggers Trio that is offered on Birchbox! I had enough points to get $10 off a purchase so I couldn't say no to this one, really. Two amazing jellies & a shimmer!! I cant wait to swatch these babies!

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