Thursday, May 31, 2012

June Maven Box!

I received my June Maven "It Girl" Box this evening and it included a couple of fun treats! I still have yet to swat to a different box since I have started. I really should, for a chance to try out other new products aside from the lacquer. But every time I try to - I love the colors included! Their new add-on option makes it easier for sure, so I can see myself trying a different box in the near future. Maybe! ;)

Daylight Defence Lip Balm - Vanilla Mint - LOVE this!! It smells more like chocolate mint to me than vanilla - But I will be using it regularly! I cant live without a good chappy!
Morgan, Sasha, and Sandra
2 replacement brushes and Pixie Sticks! 

I just loved this quote card they included! And LOVE Katherine Hepburn!
Such a wonderful quote to kick off the summer - and inspire these bold lacquers!

Here's why they gave us the replacement brushes! THANK YOU Julep! One was definitely needed!

Now on with the swatches!

Morgan - A lovely royal purple with a slight dark blue duo flash to it. 
This is 3 Coats

Sandra - A bright shimmery pink
This is 3 coats

Sasha - A very pretty salmon creme. This one is almost opaque in 1 coat. I have a bold VNL and a few streaks so I added the second coat to even it out.
2 Coats


  1. Oh man I want to be a Julep Maven so badly! But I'm scared I'll want to unsubscribe and I won't be able to, haha

    1. Kelli - the best thing about Julep Maven Boxes are that you can "skip" boxes! If you don't like the colors or are just short on money that month you can skip and won't get charged but will still be a Maven. I've skipped a LOT of boxes due to funds.


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