Saturday, May 5, 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 17 & 18!

I broke this one apart from the last challenge update post for the sole purpose of Day 17!

Day 17 - Glitter!

The challenge allows up to 10 stand-ins to save our nails and what not. This is my one, and possibly only stand--in as I don't think he's super fond of whats left to choose from. Yes, I typed "he." This hand is that of my ever amazing fiance! He is always amazingly supportive up my nail art and loves helping me choose new colors, and even talking me into some im not fond of. Yes - I have a couple bottles that I picked out for him to see. haha!

So I asked RJ to stand in for glitter. He was weary at first until I showed him what I had in mind. We used one coat of Essie Chinchilly topped off with a healthy layer (to grab all those big glitters) of Lynnderella Mercurial. He has such short little nail beds it was entertaining to paint them. And no - he didn't leave it on. It was gone the minute I uploaded the photos. He's a good sport, and definitely a keeper! I love him! ♥ ♥

Day 18 - Half Moons

This one was very fast and thrown together a bit. So I didn't clean up as I usually do. I used OPI Pedal Faster Suzi! and DS Mystery. There's some bad wear on my tips - this was after one day of typing at work. Its pretty lame how easily these wore down - but I still enjoyed the color combo and for my first attempt at the half moons - it wasn't too shabby!

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