Sunday, April 8, 2012

Layla Hologram - Ultra Violet!

I know, no catchy or quirky title today. I blame my headache.

The Ulta by me FINALLY got these beauties on display in store today - they hit their site at least a week I've been anxiously waiting! I picked up three of them this afternoon, so stay tuned for the other colors to follow!

Being that I love purple, that had to be the first one that I try out!

On my nails:
Base: ORLY Nailtrition Nail Strengthening & Growth Treatment Basecoat
Color: Layla - Ultra Violet - 3 coats.
Top: No topcoat

The formula on this is only slightly difficult to work with, but only on the first coat, anything following is simple and covers the first. 

After trying this out I did some reading on base coats and top coats, if any were used. While I used my standard go-to base coat, I read that Nfu-oh's Aqua Base works fantastically with this (I'll have to order a bottle to try this out) Another blogger suggested a matt top coat to be used as a base, I tested this on a nail and it worked just as nicely. There is a nail buffing file that Layla offers with this. I rarely buff my nails and don't always want to take the time to do this so I researched the other options. 

As for top coats, like with most holo's, they tend to mute the holo-sparkle. These are not pictured with any top coat. I did a test on a nail wheel among my topcoats to compare (I will post this in my next post) using; Seche Vita, Sally Hansen Diamond Flash, Julep Fast Dry, and Gelous. Julep's Fast Dry seemed to offer up the least muting, however, in a comparison it is slightly noticable. I wore this for about 3 hours prior to taking the photos and ran a couple of errands. I already had a chip on my index finder (as seen in the photos), and my thumb. I want to be able to wear this for at least a couple of days and at this rate - they wont survive a day at work! So I had to take one for the team, and top coat these guys!

It also seems that these quick drying top coats have a reaction with the formula. It doesn't affect the polish, or change anything (aside from dulling or muting the "sparkle" some) but it creates a different smell from the top coats themselves. Have any of you noticed this?

My next color with be the Ocean Rush which has a brighter holo and will hopefully be a little easier to photograph. I will do a comparison of some of the common top coats to share at that time. 

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