Friday, April 6, 2012

Kismet's Pajamas!

No, I'm not ready for bed...YET!

This is a lovely glitter that I ordered from Whimsical Ideas by Pam Her Facebook & Her Website!

Some of you have seen a few swatching her amazing Seuss (which I cannot wait to get my paws on btw!) It sold out almost immediately when a few swatches got posted, which is VERY exciting as it is an awesome shade!

When I was looking on her FB page I ran across this pretty and fell in love!

This is almost a sheer black jelly with small and medium Pink & Silver glitter! I did a fast gradient of 3 levels to show the sheer-ness, used a top coat of Gelous to smooth the glitter and then Seche Vita


This was a great formula and very simple to work with! If you have some time please swing by her FB page and see the photos of her lovely lacquers! Her labels with fun fonts and little bows make them all that more special! Pam was a pleasure to work with, even though I think I may have frightened her with my excitement to have this freaking awesome glitter!  :) I definitely plan on trying out her other lovelies!!


  1. *squeals* cute cute! So pretty can't wait to get mine! <3!

  2. Soooo pretty! I just contacted her the other day about a couple of polishes I wanted. I was soooo close to getting this one, but I had to control myself somewhat. This looks amazing!

  3. Oh God! I have PB&J, which is my very favorite, and Suess and Hatched; but now thanks to you I NEED this one so very badly!

    1. Im sorry? Haha! Thats all we do here is feed into others lacquer addictions! Hehe! PB&J is on my list next!

  4. Yes, thanks to you, I have placed my order for Kismet's PJ's. And thanks to another blogger, I also ordered PB&J. We're such enablers! :-)


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