Monday, April 23, 2012

Aqua Daisy Semi-Linear Holos!!

I was playing around on Etsy and my favorites list looking at all the lovely lacquers to be had and I ran into two lovelies from Aqua Daisy! First off I have to say that these aren't her ONLY lovelies, and I cannot wait to get my paws on some of her other beautiful creations!

Not only does she fraken, but she also makes Soft Elastic Hair Tie Bracelets, in fantastic colors I must say, and also the most adorable Felt Snap Clip Barrettes.  I know next time I order from her some hair ties might fall into my cart! 

You can visit Aqua Daisy's Etsy store HERE

So! On to the nail polish!! I picked up Shazaam and Fuel Spill and they arrived wrapped in the prettiest ribbons! 

At this time, I only have Shazaam to share with you. The challenge ive been partaking in makes it a little difficult to do additional swatching - but this weekend I will get Fuel Spill covered!

This is one coat of Shazaam topped with SV. did read that correctly! ONE coat! Her description says its completely opaque in almost one coat - but two makes it perfect. I may have to disagree - though it could be the batch this bottle came from. It dries to a great glossy finish - I was needing to run some errands with the fiance so I threw on the SV to ensure I didn't tear it up. 

I am definitely in love with the color. It is such a fantastic shade of purple! I cannot wait to try out Fuel Spill. Her lacquers rock! I plan on adding some of her others to my collection!!

Anywho...on with the photos!

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  1. Wowwww!! So gorgeous! And one coat?! Why didn't my ancestors go live to USA?! LOL Going to my wishlist lol :) Thank you for your pictures :)


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