Saturday, March 31, 2012

They looked so great next to each other...

That I just couldnt resist! I cleaned off my ring fingers of both hands to get those awful decals of...well what was left of them and repainted them with the same color. I had just got the rest of my add on to my April Julep Maven Box and they were all sitting here on my next to each other. Looking at them I just couldnt resist! Dug out the dotters and went to town! What do you think!! I love how they turned out! After getting this lovely pink and orange I need to find a lovely yellow cream. Any suggestions??

Anywho - on with the pics!

Base: Julep Jessica - 1 coat
Dots: Pink - Julep Niecy
         Orange - Julep Parker
Top Coat: Seche Vita


  1. Okay, Im dying to know: How on earth do these bottles stay upright? They look so thin and spindly! Very nice manicure!

  2. The bottoms are nice and squared. I will hold it when I "dip" the brush back in. But I've never knocked these over. And not only am I clumsy but I have a cat that likes to jump ln my desk when i paint my nails and walk around and over my hands. Still spill-free! :)

  3. This turned out really great, perfect spring and summer colors :)


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