Monday, March 5, 2012

Some NASCAR Manis!! (and submission for a contest!!)

We went to NASCAR here at Phoenix International Raceway this weekend with my parents. Mom came over for a Kyle Busch themed mani and here's what I did!

Mom & Dad let us use their Pit Passes this year!! Here's a photo we took from the pits while we were at the race. For those not into NASCAR, the yellow car in the center with the M&Ms on it his no.18, Kyle Busch. The inspiration for moms nails!

 Had to do a bottle shot! This color is amazing! This is the first yellow I've owned, and I bought it just for this im glad to have it in my collection!

 Right Hand
Left Hand
Heres what I used:
Base: China Glaze Light House (3 coats)
Dots, Green tip, and M&M: Butter London - Knees Up (red), Spoiled - First Class Only (blue) & Jail Bait (neon orange), and Julep - Leah. 
"M" and "19" - Sinful Colors Nail Art - Bad Chick
Top Coat - SV

More Nail Polish is running an "Inspired By" Contest, and while I was painting my Moms nails I realized it would make an awesome submission. Wish me luck!!

And what about mine?? I didn't have a lot of time after Mom left, and we ran a few errands so I made mine quick and easy - but provided practice with my stamps!

Heres what I used: (please excuse the first finger - I went to low and tried to fix it - and I managed to line up the squares rather than off set them. LOL!) This was my THIRD attempt with the stamping. Its coming a lot easier. The Pure Ice seem to work well for it. 

Base - China Glaze - Stone Cold
Tips - Pure Ice - Silver Mercedes and Bundle Monster Plate BM17 checkered tips
Top Coat - SV


  1. Cute! I like the checkered flag idea with the stamp on the tips.

    1. Thanks! I really had more in mind for mine - but by the time I had the chance to start my nails it was late and we had up meet up early the next morning. So I kept it simple :)


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