Friday, March 2, 2012

March Maven Box...and a small Hunger Games haul!!

I received my March It Girl Maven box in the mail today!!

Woot! Another file! I really loved the Purple and black packaging. Super cute!

I received (from L to R) Jodie, Melissa, and Charlotte! These ladies are all super pretty! Jodie really reminds me of Essie Wrapped in Rubies... I will have to swatch them together to see if we have a possible dupe on our hands! I can see having a lot of fun with these colors for the spring!!

Before I realized I had this in the mail box waiting for me (our mail man attempted a prior delivery and apparently forgot that there are lock boxes outside our mail room for larger parcels. Fail! He then never left a slip to let me know it went back to the post office - thank goodness I was tracking it or I would have never known. Double Fail!!) So, like i was saying, before i realized i have anything in the mail I decided to swing through Sallys Beauty to see if they have the China Glaze Hunger Games collection out yet....and WIN!

I picked out my favorites to take home with me; 

Luxe and Lush, Stone Cold, and Riveting.

You can expect to see some swatches with these lovelies coming very soon!


  1. I'm SO jealous you were able to grab Riveting... After 2 different hunts I've tracked down almost all of the Colours From the Capitol that I wanted... but Riveting remains MIA :(

    1. Well I think its still find-able at a Sally's or two here. I can pick up a bottle this weekend if you want to do a trade?

  2. Charlotte looks so gorgeous! I'm such a sucker for purples :)

  3. Did you ever do a swatch of Julep Jodie and Essie's Wrapped in Rubies side by side?

    1. Ya know what, Dez, I haven't! I honesty forgot I wanted to compare the two. I usually will put them in a basket I keep on my desk that with all my bottles to swatch… and they never made it in there. A note is in my purse to make sure they get in there tonight - to compare this weekend! Thank you girly!


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