Monday, March 19, 2012

Julep St. Patrick's Mystery Boxes!! (Pic Heavy!)

I came home from work today to discover an awesome surprise! Both of my Mystery Boxes arrived 2 days early!! I managed to order one only moments after receiving the email about them, and forwarded it to RJ making a joke about it. I got home that night with him telling me that he ordered me one as well!! I was VERY excited to see what was inside!

Box no.1 - ordered by me

Woo!! Chocolate!! ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Not pictured separately below; Chocolates, Cuticle Oil, Glass Nail File

LtoR Sofia, Maya, and Emma

SPF30 Hand Cream

Peacock Appliques

It the top 2 pics you can cee the side of of this VERY adorable cosmetic bag - here's an inside shot with how some of my goodies were snuggled inside!

Total Value?
Nail Polish $14x3
Cuticle Oil $18
Hand Cream $28
Cosmetic Bag $14.99
Glass Nail File $6.00
Appliques $14.00     
 Total Value $122.99

Box no.2 - ordered by RJ

More chocolates?! ♥ ♥ ♥

Another Glass file!! One of these is getting kept in my car for sure!

LtoR Basecoat, Charlotte, Rachel, and Sofia

Facial For Hands: Glycolic Hand Scrub 1oz
Glow On: Age Defying Hand Brightener 1oz

Total Value?
Nail Polish $14x4
Scrub/Brightener Duo $17.99
Glass File $6.00           
Total Value $79.99

WOW!! So together we spent 39.98 for both boxes that came to a grand total value of 202.98! I am extremely pleased with both of these Mystery Boxes, especially in comparison to my Valentines Day Mystery Box. I did end up with 2 glass files (but you can NEVER have too many files!), I already had Charlotte and  got two bottles of Sophia (those can easily be set aside for a giveaway or a trade) but that's the chance you take with these types of things - the mystery is half the fun though!!


  1. I was disappointed with my Valentine one I ordered so I didn't order a St. Patrick's Day one. Now I'm disappointed I didn't.

    1. AwMan!! That's why I talked the fiance into ordering me one as well. I figured even 2 weak ones would still be fun. Honestly though, even the little ones gave out a good value for what we paid for em.

  2. I love the makeup case, I got the bottom one my only disappointment the clear base coat. I've very fussy about my top and base coats. I also got mini tubes of the hand scrub and spot hider. I could have done without them as I have a full size of the second one. Maybe next time I will definitely do it again I just think when you think of Mystery box you think of something fun you and the hand stuff and base coat eh not so much fun. I would have rather had another polish seeing as I just ordered new top and base coat from A England


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