Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Mani No.1

Good morning ladies! Just as promised I am bringing to you the first of my Valentines Manis. I plan on at least one more, maybe two more. So here we go!

This one was very basic and simple. RJ is taking me to The Melting Pot for dinner tonight. It is an amazing fondue restaurant that offers an amazing package for VDay. Since the top I am wearing is a bit busy, I decided to keep this one simple, but to the point. I used ManGlaze Lesbihonest along with Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips with the X's and Heart design. RJ picked the pattern out - nice choice babe!

I honestly think that these strips have been out for ever. I remember using them when I was a kid all the time. They are extremely easy to use and last up to the ten days as labeled on the box. I always change my mani so quickly I don't usually see that 10th day, but the do hold up extremely well. I have never tried any other line of strips for comparison, but these are in the stores around be, they're inexpensive, and they are always in fun colors and designs!

This shade of Manglaze is just awesome! I am really pleased with their polish, and definitely plan on picking a couple others up! This one was another great one-coat formula that went on nicely with no flooding. It was an awesome sparkle to it as well. Tomorrow night I will add a top coat to is and post the photos so you can see it that way as well, but this stays as is until dinner tonight :) Steve over at Lacquer Man made an awesome suggestion that I will be trying out as well with this color!

Though this Mani is pretty simple and basic, I hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned later today when I review Juleps TopCoat For Hair that I received in my Julep Valentine's Day Mystery Box!


  1. Thank you for following my blog! I gave you a follow back! Also that is a very cute mani.What a way to dress up the ManGlaze!

    1. Thank you! I really enjoy this color! I can see having fun with it in the future!


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