Saturday, February 11, 2012

Review: Julep Top Coat for Hair

So I would share my review on this product, since it was in my Julep Valentine's Mystery Box, and it seems that it appeared in many of these.

I have very thick crazy hair that is difficult to tame. Its is very wavy and frizzy. I have found very few products that give said results to make it manageable. My only option is to basically air dry with necessary product and to straighten my hair with a proffessional high heat straightener. At this point, I swear by my CHI straightener and Loreal Ever Pure Moisture Leave-In Conditioner, and the CHI Keratin Mist, and get acceptable consistent results.

I added this to my regime this morning, spraying a mist evenly of the Top Coat evenly over my damp hair after adding the other usual products and combing it through for even distribution. It had a lovely sweet scent, almost of grapefruit that didn't last long.  I let it air dry and proceeded to straighten as usual. As I did this, its seemed that there was a little extra shine and softness. The directions provided and option of spraying a light mist over finished dry hair for a more sleek look. So I gave this a shot as well. It did just that! It actually got the short frizzies to lie down on the top of my head, and gave it a nice, sleek look as compared to my usual straightened and slightly frizzy look. It was also soft and clean feeling to the touch, which is important to me. I dont want my hair to feel greasy or oily. yuk.

Overall I was pleased with the results and plan on continuing to use it.If you happen to receive this in any Julep package i recommend giving it a try!

I included a couple of shots that RJ took for me. Apparently photographing hair is not his forte! ;) But it's enough to get the point! I hope this helps any of you thinking about trying this out!

 Silly face! Ack! I dont like pictures! haha!
Please pardon my roots - I an due for a cut & color! :)

Thanks for fixing the flyaway RJ :P heehee!

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