Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quite possibly one of my new favorites!

I had very anxiously awaited for the Ulta by me to have the Butter London spring line available. When I went, as told in a previous post, they didn't have any out and i had to request to get Slapper. I went in earlier this week to see what they had out planning on picking up Disco Biscuit. They had the line out, and I picked up Knackered while glancing at the other. I was in love with the sparkles that shone through the iridescent purple and green (Yes, I suffer from "Ooooh shiny!" I didn't hesitate to make this choice and decided to get Disco Biscuit this weekend.

This is after 3 coats, and a top coat of Seche Vita. I tried my best to catch the colors the best I could, but i am slowly learning that my camera tends to favor certain colors! Next set of swatching I do I'm swiping the fiances'! The colors change from light purple to teal and then to an olive green. I wore this to work all day today and enjoyed the colors in the different lights. What makes this so fun is the holographic glitter in it, and theres just the right amount to create even distribution.

I truly enjoyed wearing this polish, and know I will use it a lot. Its officially in my top favorites!!


  1. Oh my this is bad for my pocket book. I'm having lemming urges now to pick this up! Beautiful color!


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