Saturday, February 4, 2012


Woke up pretty early this morning, and I couldnt manage to fall back asleep. So what better way to occupy the morning than with a fresh mani!

Today I'm trying out Layla Magneffect 11 Silver Galaxy. I have all four of Icing MagnetiX lacquers, and I truly enjoy them. When trying out the Layla, I was very happy to have the Icing line for the sake of the magnet and the guide (I will post swatches of these soon!). I had read in prior reviews of Layla's that the magnet was a bit weak, and it was difficult to keep from hitting our nail. It seemed to be true. I wasn't too happy with the result with the Layla cap magnet - and I hit my nail (I cant hold my hands very still). The stripes appeared weak. I removed the polish (I only got 2 nails in and got frustrated from hitting the nail) and started over. I will post a comparison of the two magnets later this week.

I used one coat of the Layla 11 Galaxy Silver and used the straight line magnet on the cap from the Icing bottle, topped with Seche Vita topcoat.

Overall I was very pleased with the results (after using a different magnet!) As only using one coat, there are some places where, after using the magnet it got thin, but not enough to bother me. I think next time i will try a base color or a second coat (not using the magnet on the first) I do really like the additional glitter in this one.While the polish already has a slight shimmer to it, Galaxy Silver adds some extra sparkle. RJ picked this color out and it was a great choice! I am happy that I picked this one up and definitely plan on picking up another color next time I'm at Ulta. 

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