Monday, February 20, 2012

A long week and a little sick...

My sincere apologies for my hiatus the last few days. Last week was very very stressful, and I ended up catching a little cold, but when you cant take any time off - it becomes a big cold. So I stayed away from the computer the best I could to get some rest. But I did get some nail mail to share and a swatch or two up my sleeve!

My Valentine's Day gift from RJ was an order from! He got me GlitterGal 10 to Midnight, Ozotic 509, and aEngland Saint George

I was dying to try these out so I did a quick tape mani with two of them. I took a ton of photos of this mani! The holo-glitter was just too much fun. I had a hard time narrowing it down to only these. Sorry - but I have a feeling no one can complain about too much sparkle!

I also got these in the mail from Sephora. Mad Maz and Wildchild from Kat Von D's High Voltage collection.I haven't had a chance to swatch these yet, but I hope to soon!

I also had a thirsty kitty the other evening while I was working on these swatches! She jumped on my desk and almost ran straight to my glass of water. Shes practically squeezing her head in the glass! Shes crazy!!


  1. These are gorgeous! Nothing like great nail mail to make you feel a lil better ;)
    My kitty does the same thing btw...I blame myself, I thought when she was a kitten it would be cute to let her drink out of my water glass (no I didnt drink after her :P)Now its led to many years of spilt glasses...oh well lol.

  2. Seriously huh! Nail mail is the best - even when you know what it is!! Luckily out glasses are very bottom heavy - she cant knock them over easily!!

  3. This is so beautiful and trippy! Love it!

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