Thursday, February 9, 2012

Julep Valentines Day Mystery Box!!

I was lucky enough to come home to my Mystery Box today, even though tracking showed it wasn't due until tomorrow or Saturday. But here it is!!

Heres what I got!

Top Coat For Hair
Essential Cuticle Oil
Holly (Lt. Pink)
Demi (Deep Red)
Holographic Stars
Small Chocolate Heart (not pictured as my Fiance and I split it as I opened the box)

While I was a little bummed mine was small, I saw several posts of 8 polishes plus other goodies, I am still very pleased with what I received! Very appropriate Valentine's Day colors of lacquer, and I am definitely looking forward to trying out the Topcoat for Hair next time I straighten my tresses. This was offered for $19 with a promo code and was limited to 1000 boxes. My products totaled to about $52, so regardless it was a great deal!


  1. Oooo pretty! I love the holo stars. Mine is due to arrive tomorrow - I'm such a sucker for mystery boxes =D

    I don't think I'd buy the hair topcoat on its own, but I'm very very curious about it. I hope mine has some in it!

  2. Ill be trying it out this weekend and ill be sure to post a review!!!


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