Monday, February 6, 2012

Double Nail Mail!

I got to come home to these tonight!

My first ManGlaze order! I picked up Leabihonest and Cabron. I was way impressed with their packagaing! There were 4 biz cards, a logo guitar pick and a sticker - which went straight onto the lids of on of my polish bins!
The Goodies!



My Revlon Whimsical also arrived and I was expecting a couple more days for that to arrive. Its always such a treat when things arrive early!

I cant wait to swatch these 3! Now to chose what first!! Now until then, as I mentioned in my last post, I have more swatches to share!

First is Revlon Starry Pink. I really like this color. Its a nice light pink with silver small glitter and larger octagon shaped glitter. The formula is a bit thin, but I'm sure its so that glitter can sparkle through. I used OPI Alpine Snow as a base and used one coat of the Starry Pink. I think next time I will use one of my lighter pinks instead. 

Next is Julep Megan. 

This was my first experience with Juleps lacquer. This came from my first Maven box, along with a Fast Dry Top Coat which I have also added. I was pleased with the outcome. This was a very pretty color and a nice sheen to it.This is with one coat of Megan with no top coat.
In natural sunlight
Under a Natural White light.

With the top coat added.

The other two colors that were in my Maven box, I'm not sure if a am super fond of them. I plan on swatching them soon though to make a final decision. We shall see!

Last is Nicole by OPI Love Your Life. This one I was very disappointed with. The formula seemed thick. While the small glitter was sparse, it wasnt bad considering that you will also have the large hearts. That is only if you can get them out of the bottle! I had to dig and fish out every heart. I got one out for each nail, but it was a but absurd. They didnt want to pick up with the brush and come out. Here is one coat on top of Butter Londons Queen Vic, one of my favorites in my collection! Be prepared to see it a lot!)

That's all I have to today ladies! Time for dinner with the fiance and bed! Good night!!


  1. I love "Popular/Starry Starry Pink" I have yet to wear Whimsical, but I can't wait to! So many polishes, so little time!

  2. I have Whimsical here on my desk to swatch this weekend. Had a recent haul and now I'm stuck choosing whats next!

  3. I have LBH - it's awesome! Try it with dots of clear topcoat....

    1. Oh thats such am awesome idea!! When I swatch it you can be sure I'll be doing that as well!! Cabron would look awesome that way too!! Thanks!! You will get credit for that fun suggestion!


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